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Welcome to Moss Creek Ranch, your destination for world-class trophy whitetail deer and exotic hunts in the heart of West Texas. Immerse yourself in a hunting experience like no other, whether from the comfort of a snug, enclosed blind or while embarking on an exhilarating African-style safari hunt. Here, every moment brings you closer to the pristine beauty and thrill of the hunt, with over 50 trophy animals harvested annually. Moss Creek Ranch promises a remarkable adventure, ensuring that neither you nor your guests will leave disappointed.

Nestled among spring-fed creeks, expansive bottomlands, and rugged hillsides, Moss Creek Ranch offers the perfect natural habitat for a unique and unforgettable wildlife experience. Home to quail, trophy Texas whitetail deer, Rio Grande turkey, and over 20 species of exotic wildlife, our ranch offers one of the most diverse and vibrant hunting landscapes in West Texas. From upland bird hunting to chasing the elusive trophy whitetails and engaging in world-class exotic safaris, Moss Creek Ranch is truly a hunter’s paradise.

At Moss Creek Ranch, our extensive list of available game includes both native and exotic species, catering to every hunter’s aspirations. With options ranging from the majestic Aoudad and the nimble Axis Deer to exotic breeds such as the stately Kudu and spirited Sable, each hunt is an opportunity to pursue both challenge and beauty. Our pricelist for the 2023/2024 season reflects our dedication to providing exceptional value, ensuring access to a variety of hunts that promise not just a pursuit, but an adventure that resonates with the grandeur of West Texas’s natural setting. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of a Whitetail hunt, characterized by their impressive antlers and crafty nature, or the unique experience of tracking a Mouflon or Transcaspian Urial, Moss Creek Ranch is prepared to deliver an unforgettable experience with each expedition.

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Explore the bounty of over 20 species of native and exotic game at Moss Creek Ranch. Each year, more than 50 trophy animals are harvested, reflecting the rich and sustainable management of our diverse habitats. Whether you’re seeking a personal escape or an unforgettable outing for your clients, Moss Creek Ranch delivers an unparalleled hunting experience. You and your guests are sure to cherish every moment spent in pursuit of trophy game in the vast and vibrant landscapes of West Texas.

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